BASF’s position on use of glyphosate on LibertyLink GT27, GT27 soybeans

March 15, 2019

LibertyLink® GT27™ is the first soybean technology with herbicide tolerance to both Liberty® herbicide and glyphosate. This system provides growers with even greater flexibility and choices in their weed management programs. LibertyLink GT27 and GT27 soybeans tolerate the use of glyphosate like any other glyphosate-tolerant crop.

Prior to its recent sale of assets to BASF, Bayer tested glyphosate use on LibertyLink GT27 extensively to include GlyStar® Plus, Cornerstone® Plus, Glyfos® X-TRA, Touchdown Total®, Durango®, Honcho® Plus, Roundup® PowerMAX®, Roundup WeatherMAX®, and Roundup Original Max®. The results were clear that LibertyLink GT27 has commercially acceptable tolerance to glyphosate. In addition:

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Connie Jeffries