2020 Seed Guide released

July 15, 2019

Seed Genetics Direct recently released their 2020 Seed Guide, a document containing detailed descriptions of corn, soybean, wheat and alfalfa offerings, as well as financing options and early-pay discounts. Seed and herbicide pricing is available by contacting SGD at 740-505-6545 or toddj@seedgeneticsdirect.com.

“We, as a family, are happy to be here to provide a choice for farm families,” said Todd Jeffries, SGD vice president of sales and operations, who manages the company with his father, Chris. “We want to personally see farmers and work directly with them to better understand their needs and goals, as well as see what’s happening in their fields. That’s why our structure is built on direct sales which eliminates the middleman and the costs that go with him. We also offer the highest quality seed that adheres to top industry standards and provide proven technologies and genetics.”

SGD offers leading germplasm from the majority of major breeding companies. Soybean offerings include elite conventional, GT1, RR2 Xtend, LLGT27 and new Enlist beans. In corn, SGD offers elite conventional, GT, GTBTLL, GTCBLLRW, Viptera, and Artesian traits. Wheat, alfalfa, small grasses and herbicides are also available.

All seed is also vetted through aggressive research and testing: corn hybrids and soybean varieties are tested in more than 40,000 yield plots including 22 research locations with 50 corn tests and 45 bean tests. All is backed with a 100 percent replant guarantee.

“At SGD, there is a system for every farm large and small. Regardless of how many acres a farm has, everyone receives the same price. Our team has more than 260 years of combined experience in agriculture and works hard to be the best value on local farms.”

For more information or to place an order, contact Chris Jeffries, president, at chrisj@seedgeneticsdirect.com; Todd Jeffries at toddj@seedgeneticsdirect.com; or call 740-505-6545.