Welcome to Seed Genetics-DIRECT, LLC

Many farmers have asked “Why start a seed company now?” Why?  I love working with farmers. Why?  I love the seed industry; and I still have a passion to build and grow an independent seed company that is better able to zero in on customer’s needs. Why?  I know I can still make a difference. Why?  I don’t fish, hunt, golf, play cards, etc.  I am a very boring person, but I love the seed industry. Why?  With the current mega mergers, I believe there is a place for a strong independent seed company. Why?  I have many customers encouraging me to start again…and I answer to my customers, not the stockholders on Wall Street. Why?  I enjoy testing & evaluating corn hybrids & soybean varieties. Why?  I don’t like the present direction taken by the multi-nationals. Why?  I don’t take this decision lightly; the seed industry is going to change; and I plan to continue being a friend to my customers.

As the seed industry contracts, it restricts choices for growers and the mega mergers are going to restrict choices as well. Choices are everyone’s friend, even if they choose not to use them. If we have less choices—less grain elevators, less fertilizer suppliers, less machinery suppliers, less seed suppliers; what happens to farmer’s input costs? Are those costs coming down with the grain markets? No, corporate must appease the stockholders, in fact, they continue to promise more. Seed Genetics—DIRECT fills a void; everyone doesn’t want to work with the mega/multi nationals; in fact, independent seed companies have grown almost 4% market share in the past 6 years. I have access to the best genetics in the industry. I have agreements with 3 of the 4 trait suppliers & actually all indirectly on the soybean side. I have a few doors closed to me but work with the majority of genetic suppliers. Seed Genetics—DIRECT will be based on DIRECT sales (eliminating the middle tier that adds costs); TESTING (we will aggressively vet our line up thru Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky…thru Ag Research & Testing), marketing won’t be making these decisions; and FLEXIBILITY (working for a large corporation can be painful), we will make decisions more timely and in the interest of our customers.

-Chris Jeffries