Chris Jeffries

I tried the corporate world and built my previous company, but missed the simpler, non-corporate seed industry. So, with the support of many customers and friends, decided to build a family-owned and controlled company, Seed Genetics Direct.

SGD focuses on farmers through:

Direct Sales Model: Growers forced to buy through a local dealer, the same dealer competing with them for farm ground, doesn’t make sense. Why share proprietary data with a competitor and reward them with $30 to $40 per unit commission? We save our customers money by eliminating dealers and middlemen.

High Performance: SGD firmly believes in vetting genetics through research and testing. Before releasing to customers, we sort through the chaff to only offer elite genetics that adhere to top industry standards, backed with a 100% guarantee replant program.

Diverse Technologies: SGD provides access to stress- and disease-tolerant conventional, LL, Balance GT, RR2Y, and RR2 Xtend beans; and conventional, GT, GTCBLL, GTCBLLRW, VIP, and Artesian corns.

Flexibility: We strive to meet the unique needs and demands of farming, including soils, time, and discounts (early pay, early order, pallet builder) to provide the best, personalized offer with the most value in the seed industry.

Thank you for considering Seed Genetics Direct!

Chris Jeffries, President
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